Finding Minimalism Through Groceries

As a way to ~further~ my experience here in Japan and truly understand the simplistic, less cluttered lifestyle that many Japanese people lead, I watched Minimalism: A Documentary on the Important Things at the beginning of my stay.  It follows the path of two men who are attempting to change the way the world looks at consuming and living, by only buying and keeping things that specifically add value to their lives.

Wanting to embrace this idea during my 7 week experience here, where people often live in 8 sq. meter apartments and have a staple wardrobe of around 30 items in the heart of bustling Tokyo, I feel spoiled and luxurious in my larger than 8 sq. meter space.

However, I have made an effort to engage this Minimalist lifestyle through my grocery shopping and homemade bento box lunches I bring to the office everyday.  Simplifying my purchases and only buying food I will need for the next three days allows me to eat truly fresh food, save money and focus on deliciously simple flavors.

Below I have included a typical grocery haul.  Bringing this minimalistic lifestyle back home with me will be difficult, but knowing that I feel more refreshed, calm and together while living this way will be a great incentive.



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