My name is Maret, and I am a student at Tulane University.  In my extensive 19 years of life, my social events, passions and day-to-day life has been and still is dictated by my love of food. Having grown up in the Bay Area, attended college in New Orleans (see above: beignet junkie), and now in Tokyo for the summer, it is clear that my attraction to cities is fueled by eats.

Traveling to a different country nearly every summer vacation with my recipe-developing mother, adventure-seeking father, and older brother who is along for the ride like me, I have had some pretty amazing experiences that have shaped the way I want to live my life.  With the right mixture of spontaneity, planning (or lack thereof), recklessness and caution, the world can be discovered slowly or all at once, with chopsticks, a fork or a piece of bread to soak up all the sauce.